The Discount Mars Rover Project


For the very first drive test we will use the serial monitor to send commands to the rover. Since we have not yet a wireless connection, we will use the USB port. Make sure that you have a laptop and a long USB cable available to give the rover some degree of freedom to move around. On the Arduino side we will implement a very basic drive command system which will enable us to drive the rover forward, backward and to let it turn to both sides.

Which parts do I need?

For this step no new parts are required. 
Use the software for STEP 8 from Github  

Which software do I need?


What needs to be done?

Upload the SOFTWARE FOR STEP 8 to the Arduino board. Use the serial monitor to send commands to the rover. The commands are as follows:

Go forward    : 1
Go backward   : 2
Turn right    : 3
Turn left     : 4
Curve right   : 5
Curve left    : 6
Stop          : 8 

Seems the rover smiles since it thinks it might be already at the surface of Mars ...

How much do I have to pay?

Spend the saved money for a good glas of wine or whisky and relax! 
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