The Discount Mars Rover Project


Next step is to mount all 6 motors and wheels to the undercarriage to get ready for a first drive test.

Which parts do I need?

6 x DC motor (drive motor)
6 x L298D H-bridge
6 x wheel e.g. for 1:8 off-road RC buggy (app. 120 mm diameter)
6 x 12 mm HEX adapter for 6 mm shaft
6 x HEX adapter 12 to 17 mm
6 x motor mount

What needs to be done?

Mount the motors to the undercarriage, make sure that the entire system is (relatively) stiff to be able to handle the loads of moderate off-road driving. I used a 3mm aluminum L profile to fix the motor mounts onto the PVC tubes.

These wheels are normally used in 1:8 scale offroad RC Race cars. To get them onto the drive motor shafts, you need (a) the wheel itself, (b) a 12mm HEX adapter for a 6mm shaft and (c) a 12mm to 17mm converter.

In the end it should look like this:

How much do I have to pay?

This will be the most expensive step in the entire project.

  5 additional DC motors      : 59,50
+ 5 additional L298D H-bridges: 15,00
+ 6 wheels                    : 32,00
+ 6 HEX adapter 12mm          : 11,85
+ 6 x adapter 12 to 17 mm     : 15,50
+ 6 x motor mount             : 20,70
+ some minor stuff like wires
  Total:                       150,00 Euros