The Discount Mars Rover Project


The undercarriage of our rover looks like the "rocker-boogie" suspension of the real Curiosity rover - but it is not.

The undercarriage of our rover is fixed on both sides of the rover, without the differential gear of a real rocker-boogie suspension.

Please keep in mind that this rover is designed for moderate off-road adventures only and not capable of driving in rough terrain with large obstacles and steep slopes. If you want to do that you should use a more robust undercarriage, build a real rocker-boogie suspension and use motors with more power. For increased maneuverability the front and rear wheels should be able to turn horizontally. Remember that this is the "Discount Mars Rover" project. There is plenty of room for your own improvements if you want to send your rover into more challenging terrain.

Which parts do I need?

2 x 1 m 25mm PVC tubes
4 x 45 degrees elbows for 25 mm tubes
4 x 90 degrees elbows for 25 mm tubes
1 x PVC glue

What needs to be done?

Cut the tubes to the lengths given in the picture, fit all parts together and glue them. Mount the undercarriage to the main body (I used M6 and M8 screws)

How much do I have to pay?

The PVC tubes with elbows cost not more than 5 Euros.
With the PVC glue included the entire step will cost
less than 10 €.