The Discount Mars Rover Project


First step is to build a box from plywood which will become the main structural element of the rover. I use 6 mm plywood, which is definitely fine since we expect no heavy loads on the rover during operation. The box has the dimensions 50 x 36 x 12 cm which leads to an approximate scale of 1:4 for our rover model.

Which parts do I need?

1 x plywood 6mm                  50.0cm x 36 cm (bottom)
1 x plywood 6mm                  51.2cm x 36 cm (cover)
2 x plywood 6mm                  50.0cm x 10 cm (side)
2 x plywood 6mm                  36.0cm x 10,6 cm (front / rear)
2 x Color Spray White 400 ml
1 x Color Spray Aluminum 200 ml
1 x Ponal Express (glue)

Some smaller parts for stringers (to make the body stiffer) and
(if you want) some more plywood for all the decoration
(which is nice to look at but not required).

What needs to be done?

Build a box out of plywood, add whatever decorating elements you want to let your rover look like a real mars rover and paint it.

(1) Some strengthening for the mount of the undercarriage

(2) Intentionally left without color for better glue of the ultrasonic sensors.

(3) Just for decoration without any functional purpose

(4) Mount for the camera mast

How much do I have to pay?

  35,00 € for plywood
+ 15.00 € for white color
+ 4,99  € for aluminum color
+ 4,75  € for glue (Ponal Express)
= 60,00 € for this step