The Falcon Not So Heavy Project

The Idea

No rover can reach Mars without the help of a launcher. My choice for the Discount Mars Rover is the Falcon Heavy, currently the most powerful rocket on Earth. The real Falcon Heavy is built by SpaceX, a company that has revolutionized launching technology.

What is so special about the Falcon Heavy? Falcon Heavy has three boosters, two side boosters and one core booster. All of them can be reused. After MECO (Main Engine Cut Off) the side boosters fly back to the launch site, the center core lands on a drone ship. All boosters get refurbished and can be used for another launch. Reusability is a key feature to reduce space launch costs significantly, if we throw away our rockets after each launch we will make no real progress in space exploration since it's far too expensive, imagine we would use an airliner just for a single flight!

The Real Falcon Heavy

To give you an impression of the real thing I have linked a Youtube video of the very first Falcon Heavy launch. At this test flight the landing of core booster failed, but both side boosters landed smoothly at their Cape Canaveral landing site. Now Starman drives his Tesla roadster on an orbit between Earth and Mars ... forever. For all "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" fans, have you seen the message on the screen? Very nice!


First question: How tall will the model rocket become? Here in Germany I get mainly metric body tubes with 50, 60, 75 or 100 mm diameter. The booster diameter of the real Falcon Heavy is 3,66 meters, a 1/62 scale gives us tube diameters of 60 mm for all boosters and an overall length of 112 cm for the core stage and 72 cm for the side boosters.

Dimensions in cm:     Falcon Heavy      Model
Overall length:           7000           112
Side booster length :     4500            72        
Booster diameter :         366             6
Overall width:            1220            20

Mass in KG:          1.420.000        ~  1.2  

Step By Step Development...